Lymph Node Dissection

Couple updates from today…

  • Although I wanted to run away and skip surgery today, the surgery went MUCH better than expected. NO med students involved today which was wonderful! I know they need to learn, but I am such an introvert, their presence is really disturbing to me. Sorry friends in med school!
  • I’m on percocet and feel better than I did yesterday on Vicodin! I am for sure a percocet girl!
  • My back stitches are out! I’m much less itchy and more comfortable, although that may be the percocet. 🙂
  • The drain isn’t as bad as I imagined. It is going to be hard to hide under my clothes. My left leg is going to have a noticable lump for the next few weeks!
  • My CT scan came back clean! Praise God!
  • Dr Warneke showed us the original pathology and the amount of melanoma in the lymph node was 0.2mm. TINY! Dr. Warneke said he expects the nodes he removed today to be clear which gives me a 50% chance of being cured. Excellent odds for melanoma. If I’m not cured, I’m in for a fight with melanoma that reappears. I’m still going to win this battle!
Thanks for all the prayers today. I had the BEST nurses and things went very well for a day that well… let’s just say surgery is losing it’s charm for this girl. I’m hopefully done for a LONG while!