What a miracle am I!

The family is spending our last evening of winter break enjoying one another and I have the following childrens song going through my head. Do you know this one?

I’ve got hands, watch them clap

Oh! What a miracle am I

I’ve got feet, watch them stomp

Oh! What a miracle am I

Oh what a miracle, Oh what a miracle

Every little part of me.

I’m something special, so very special

Ain’t nobody quite like me!

Tonight I am feeling the miracle of my life. Six years after a stage 3/4 melanoma diagnosis, I am returning to work full time! I’ll be doing my dream job with a dream team at the kids’ school. I feel prepared, energized and as ready as I can be (with perhaps a little nervousness mixed in!)

It’s strange that without reflection this feels a bit like I’ve been home with the kids for these 11.5 years just doing the stay a home mom thing. But with reflection that comes with saying goodbye to a dear friend who passed away Jan 1st after a melanoma battle, hearing a friend jokingly say I should be given credence because I had dodged death, sharing my story of hope with a friend looking into clinical trials for pancreatic cancer, I relaze this is HUGE!

I’m not proud of myself for surviving this far. I have done nothing to deserve this. I am a beloved child of God, but so is my friend who passed away this week. I am seeing amazing doctors in a time when medicine is advancing quickly and successfully treating many cancer patients. So was my friend. I didn’t juice or kale my way healthy. I am lucky. And thankful for that. SO thankful. And tonight I’ll sing that I am a miracle. Not out of pride, but with a thankful heart and full of hope for my friends who are facing melanoma and other cancers. We all deserve miracles.

Tomorrow and for the rest of the semester, I will go spend the day with 28 2nd graders. We will get to know one another as we study fractions and adjectives and write poetry. My students won’t know about my cancer journey. It’s not a secret, but it’s not applicable in the classroom.

CANCER will NOT be relevant in every area of my life!

Thank you God. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. My cancer journey isn’t over, but it is limited in it’s power. I’ll give it one day a month when I go have my infusion for a few hours. And I’ll enjoy this gift of life. Oh what a miracle.


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  1. Martha when we ran into you all last night and I said Lonnie and I had been talking about you this was exactly what we were talking about. You my friend with stage 4 Cancer are going to be teaching again, you are a miracle !! Your journey your life is a inspiration and I’m beyond excited for you !! I believe in all the drugs but I also believe in prayer and positive attitude and that’s why your kicking Cancer in the butt and smiling all the way to your 2nd grade class tomorrow . Have fun , enjoy you deserve it!! Big Hugs ♡♡

  2. Martha, thank you for sharing this. I’ m not even sure how I found you. My wife “M” has just been declared in remission from breast cancer. All God’s doing. Her faith has been so strong and me, well it led me to do some deep soul searching and has set me on a new path. Must be a God thing. Oh and now she is speaking of going on a 9 mos missions trip to Albania to teach, you got it, first and second graders. If the doc says shes clear to go then I want her to go, I am unable to join her but I will support her in this. God is Able!😆 Barney

  3. My husband is melanoma patient. I like to say it is in remission or he is cured. I know there isn’t a cure, but as I told our Dr. she is wonderful as she did the surgery through God’s guidance as He is the Great Physician. I pray everyday that no cancer will ever enter his body again. He is almost 73 and I really like having him around. I also pray that God will let us be together on this earth for a long time. The first time he had it I think was 2007 then he had what we call the big surgery in 20l2 and so far nothing has come back since. To God we are thankful. I’m glad you are also beating the battle. Hang in there and I will also pray for you.

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