3 days and a ton of bricks post anti-pd1 therapy

I felt so great after my infusion of anti-pd1 therapy on Thursday! Came home and enjoyed the family and got some chores done. On Friday I stayed busy and had a girls night out with some of my besties. This morning, three days post infusion, I felt I’d been hit with a ton of bricks. I saw the signs coming last night, drinking tons of water but it wasn’tĀ absorbing. Then at one point while out with friends, I felt fatigue and a bit of light headedness wash over me. I also didn’t finish my gelato from Frost- a sure sign of impending doom! Once in bed, I realized my leg that swells with lymphedema was very swollen.

So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when I woke up swollen, sore and exhausted! I slept most of the morning and more this afternoon. I’m so glad Daniel is home to carry the load. He takes such good care of us. The family is out on a walk and I am still resting. This is the new normal and I wonder if it will ever really feel normal. I am so thankful that most days now are good days so the bad ones stand out!

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  1. Hi Martha,My Name Is Judith Paterson And I too have had to deal with melanoma but not to the degree you have. I had a large mole on my upper left side of my back.. Had Surgery, lymph node removal of node’s in left under arm with no met’s..Did follow up with Onc for a few years and at this point am n.e.d. I’m Hoping that soon you also will be n.e.d. till your 90…:) Sending Blessings,Judith

  2. Hi Martha,

    I’m soooooo glad that most days are good days now and that’s why the bad days stand out. I hope that you start to feel back to your gelato finishing self soon :)! Continue to take it one day at a time, thank you for sharing with us. Its pretty awesome the support you have of your family!

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