Pathology Results

After a LONG day of waiting for a call, Danny finally got through to our nurse coordinator, Lindy. The margins on my back are clear of melanoma (which means there is a 2cm cancer free border, side to side and deep, of the area they removed on my back.) The two lymph nodes they removed from my right leg were clear, but on the left side there were traces of melanoma in the sentinal node (the first node lymph reached from my back) although the second node was clear. This is a really excellent sign that the melanoma spread is most likely limited. I will have more surgery to remove the rest of the lymph nodes from my left leg and a PET and CAT scan at some point. Tomorrow I’ll get a call about scheduling.

It’s not the news we were hoping for, but we are hopeful. The nurse was very emphatic that this is NOT devastating news. I’m dreading more surgery and the swelling that accompanies the the loss of more lymph nodes. We’re going to need our community to help as I recover again. I’m not up for talking. Danny has been my sweet spokesman all day. I appreciate continued prayers for healing and peace.