Seven Easy Sun Safe Tips!

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In September of 2009 when I was diagnosed with melanoma, Daniel and I met with a sun safety educator after my first doctor visit. I’ve lived in sun safety land for a long time, but this weekend when I was speaking with a group of girl scouts I was reminded that not everyone has the privilege of meeting personally with a sun safety educator. So, here is a quick reminder of the basics of sunscreen that I teach when I am asked to speak to groups.

  1. Make sure it’s labelled “broad-spectrum” and at minimum SPF 30
  2. Read the directions!
  3. Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure
  4. Use a lot, don’t miss a spot! Don’t forget the scalp, ears, neck and lips!
  5. Sprays- Spray until you see it, then rub it in
  6. Cover with clothing whenever possible! (Especially UPF clothing)
  7. Don’t forget broad rimmed hats and sunscreen 1397004_10152042693775809_602037830_o 1604832_10152287278270809_2077659736_n

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