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My sweet friend and mentor, Becca!

My sweet friend and mentor, Becca!

I have been beyond blessed in my blogging journey to have been befriended (perhaps I just declared myself her friend? Shh… details aren’t important) by Becca Ludlum who documents her own life, tech love, and journey as a parent to tweens!

Becca is a mentor to me as a parent and a blogger. I especially admire and attempt to emulate her parenting approach of actively teaching her sons to use technology with supervision and parental guidance. Instead of shielding them until they are older as I am tempted to do!

Everything But the Posts by Becca Ludlum

Everything But the Posts by Becca Ludlum

Becca left her job as a Speech Language Pathologist to go pro as a blogger and freelance writer a little more than a year ago. She is so generous in mentoring other bloggers and decided to use her expertise to write a book, “Everything But the Posts: Tips, Advice, and Templates from a Blogger Who Has Been In Your Shoes.”

I wrote the following review on Amazon after tearing through this book in less than a day. Now I just need to go back and carry out Becca’s tips!

I’ve been dabbling in blogging and reading blogs for almost 10 years. I’ve only recently become serious about my own blogging journey. “Everything But the Posts” is the perfect springboard for the next step in my journey. Becca Ludlum’s book is perfect for a blogging newbie, dabbler, or experienced blogger looking into the next phase of for their blog. Becca has great advice on setting up your blog, improving SEO, and developing a readership and community in the social media world. She even walks you through the process of monetizing your blog and provides examples of how she did this herself! I had to refrain from highlighting almost every paragraph. The book is FULL of easy to read and implement advice and I look forward to making over my own blog with it in mind.

I am lucky enough to call Becca a friend and cheerleader/mentor in my own life and am so glad she took the time to share her wisdom and experience with the world. If you have or want to start a blog, don’t skip “Everything But the Posts!” 


Abby as a writer/blogger on career day. Note the book and pencil over her ear.

I bought this book because I couldn’t wait to read it, devoured it on Kindle and then after reading it, wanted a paper copy which Becca surprised me with in a gift of mailbox love. It arrived just in time for Abby to go to career day as a writer/blogger and take it as her prop. She’d just written her own post on my blog and was inspired!

Becca has also been an advocate for sun safety and melanoma awareness. She’s been a part of Team Mela-NO-MAS in the Tucson Melanoma Walk and shared my story on her blog in 2012. Check it out here!

Becca did not ask me to review her book here or on Amazon. I just love and wanted to share it!