Side effect notes with anti-pd1

This is probably only interesting for me and others beginning an anti-pd1 trial. I had dose 16, trial week 56 on May 22. I am on a 30 week extended cycle (due to brain side effects) of either 2 or 10 mg/kg of anti-pd1. The trial is blinded so I am not sure of the dose. I requested a liter of saline along with my dose as it seems to help me avoid the immediate fatigue. Thursday they infused the liter over 90 minutes half before and half after the 30 minute Anti-pd1 infusion. 90 minutes of fluids seemed a little more effective than the previous 60 minutes when I try to get out earlier. I don’t seem to absorb the fluids as well with the shorter infusion. I avoided fatigue and other side effects until the weekend. Sunday (3 days post infusion) the fatigue hit like a truck. On Friday (8 days post infusion) I finally found relief (at least partial, I’ve stayed busy and needed naps.) Today (Sunday June 1, 10 days post infusion) my neck rash has begun. Other contributions to the fatigue may have been travel just before treatment, the first week of summer break for my kids and my first massage on Thursday (7 days post infusion) which caused my typically tight muscles to be quite sore!

Itchy rash on neck

Anti-pd1 Rash 10 days post infusion

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  1. I had a wake up call this week that made me love every breath I take and shout Hallelujah!” to science and modern medicine. So much more to learn but we are so amazingly far from where we were 100 years ago before the Spanish Flu.

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