Don’t Fry Day! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month is winding down with the end of May and today is the last day of school for my kiddos! This summer break we plan to do lots of swimming, playing soccer in our backyard, and geocaching. It will involve lots of time enjoying the outdoors in our beautiful desert home.

When I was first diagnosed with melanoma, I was afraid to be outside in the sun. With time and practice I have learned with a little thought and planning I can enjoy outdoor activities and still protect my skin! This is also the time of year I am purchasing new sunscreens for the summer.

Today, the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, is designated as “No Fry Friday.” A good time to do a little sunscreen and a sun safety reminder. So, if you are doing your summer sunscreen purchasing right now like I am, here are a few things to keep in mind as you consider what to buy.

  • SPF 30+ Sunscreen needs to be SPF 30 or higher to be effective
  • Broad spectrum Make sure your sunscreen protects you from both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) radiation from the sun
  • Reapplication Make sure to apply generously and reapply according to the directions on the bottle
  • UPF clothing and hats as well as sunglasses provide additional and necessary protection when outside!
REI sun protective girl's swimsuit

Horray for UPF swimsuits and sunglasses!

I am often asked my opinions and recommendations on sunscreen products for children and adults. Whole Foods is a good place to locate mineral based sunscreens free of nano particles and potentially dangerous chemicals like oxybenzone. I wrote about my concerns about oxybenzone in my post FAQ2: How to Evaluate a Sunscreen.

Whole Foods Market Speedway Tucson

Whole Foods Market Sun and Skin Care Section

Beginning tomorrow, Whole Foods is offering 30% off Sun Care Products from May 23rd thru 26th. The family and I went to Whole Foods on Speedway to check out their selection for you.

All Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen

DeVita Solar Protective Moisture SPF 30+

DeVita Sunscreen is made locally in Phoenix!

We found a new favorite sunscreen today. DeVita Solar Protective Moisture Sunscreen SPF30 Made in Phoenix, AZ. Short ingredient list. Rubbed in beautifully. All natural. Sold!

Much smoother than most zinc based sunscreens

Abby models the smooth texture of Devita sunscreen.

No chalky residue after rubbing in sunscreen

DeVita sunscreen rubbed in quickly with no white residue!

For my very local friends, the Whole Foods Market Oracle store remodel is due to finish and reopen at the end of August. Yay! You can follow all Tucson locations on Twitter for updates! Stay tuned for upcoming reviews of other sunscreens we tested out today. We found a few great new brands and one we’d skip! Enjoy your Memorial Day and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Free snacks for tired children!

Thanks to Whole Foods for offering my tired children a sample without even knowing I was writing a review!

Not an ad. I purchased this product on my own dime. The link above is an Amazon affiliate link. If you buy with the link, I get a very small percentage of what you pay to help offset my review costs. I only review sunscreens which I would use on my family and myself based on basic requirements such as broad spectrum and a minimum SPF of 30.

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  2. My son is super sensitive to every sunblock I’ve tried, he screams that it’s burning him when he gets in the water. The only product that doesn’t burn his skin is Badger sunscreen. However, this makes his face white and the minute he wipes his eyes after going under water, the sunscreen is off. I reapply, wait the 15 min, let him get in, and the same thing happens. We return home after a day of swimming and he’s fried under his eyes 🙁
    Any suggestions?

    • Kara, Hard to diagnose over the internet, but I’ve got a couple thoughts for you. We struggle with sensitive skin around these parts too! First, Badger is a physical block, so don’t worry about the 15 minute wait before getting into the water. Is his painful reaction only when getting in the water? That makes me think it might be a reaction to the pool chemicals rather than the sunscreen? My skin doesn’t hurt during my daily sunscreen routine, but it will burn slightly when I get into our community salt water clorinated pool. Another all natural sunscreen you might try is Kiss My Face, otherwise it might be a reaction to the Titanium Dioxide (I think the Zinc Oxide would be just an unheard of rare reaction) and it might be worth trying a chemical sunscreen like Supergoop or Target’s Up and Up or Solar Sense. Please let me know if I can help further! Please know, I am NOT a medical professional, but speaking from my own experience and research.

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