Sept 26- More brain pain

Really rough day. I am doing better tonight and figured I’d better send an update while my head doesn’t hurt and vision is working. I finished up the steroids (I was on a 6 day reducing dose of prednisone) and my vision and headaches had greatly improved. But Tuesday night I became symptomatic again and had the worst headache of my life.This thing trumped any migraine I’ve ever struggled with. I got some sleep but the headache hung on until about 7pm on Wednesday. I did get my radiation oncologist called. He spoke with my melanoma oncologist and they both feel my symptoms are worse than the swelling on the MRI (On Sept 3) warranted. So, they want me to have a lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap) to check that it is not a long term side effect of Ipi, a treatment I took in the spring of 2012, but can have long term side effects. I am waiting on a call to schedule that. The headache returned with a vengance today. Along with crazy emotional side effects.