Sept 19-CT scan results

It is with a joyful heart and thanks to God I share that my scan results were wonderful! Three of my tumors are stable in size and four are SHRINKING! The one remaining shrunk in length, but grew a small amount in width. Nothing indicates it won’t be shrinking all around by my next scans. Also, a blood marker which indicates tumor activity continues to drop and is now in the normal range.
My brain symptoms continue to improve and we have a lot of peace that they will resolve without giving me more trouble. I also followed up with my surgeon today because my wound on my back from surgery 6 weeks ago has sprung a leak! He is not concerned and though it may take longer than normal for the spot to heal because the area was irradiated in 2011, it is healing well and having the fluid buildup behind the wound removed will encourage healing.
We are so excited and encouraged. It has been quite the journey over the past 4 years! Thank you SO much for in prayers and support we will never be able to begin to repay. We would still love for you to join us for the Melanoma Walk on November 2! You can sign up to join Team Melanomas by clicking the link below.
Praise God for hope, prayer and anti-pd1!