Aug 27- Healing

Surgical drain out yesterday, I am a new woman! Blog post in the works, but the surgery has made a huge change in my pain levels and energy levels. HUGE! I have treatment #8 of Anti-Pd1 tomorrow. Yay! Still so excited to be on the trial. A couple prayer requests, I’ve had a sore throat for a couple days. Pretty minor, but I don’t want my immune system “distracted.” I also will be having scans prior to dose 9 to see if my disease is stable enough or hopefully shrinking so I can stay in the study! Please pray for lots and lots of shrinkage! We are hopeful that with my new reduced tumor burden (due to the surgery) my immune system will be able to use the anti-pd1 to even better advantage in fighting the disease left in my body.
Thanks again for the incredible support and prayers!