Decisions and Possible Surgery

Tomorrow afternoon Danny and I will meet with my oncology surgeon to discuss having my painful surface tumor(s) removed. We would appreciate prayers as we communicate with him and also hopefully will be able to talk to my main oncologist about our plan moving forward. We want to make sure that surgery doesn’t prevent my entering any trials nor do we want to delay further treatment and allow melanoma to gain footing while I recover from surgery. It does encourage us that both of my oncologists (surgical and melanoma specialist) feel that my disease is stable enough for me to take a treatment break to have this surgery. We believe removing these tumors will lessen my chronic pain and improve some quality of life issues. Please pray for wisdom and clarity for both of my doctors as well as Danny and me. Also, please pray that my main oncologist would be available to step in and consult with us during this appointment. I am so blessed to be treated at my clinic where the doctors work so closely together. Thank you all!