CT Scan

Today was my Dad’s turn to be my chaffeur. I think by the time I’m through this “trial,” I’m going to need driving lessons because I haven’t driven in such a long time. Except, I’m taking the kids to school tomorrow and I guess that will be enough driving practice to make up for the last month of driving withdrawal. Anyway… my sweet Dad picked us up at noon and we took the kids to Matt and Alli’s for the afternoon. Bless them for sacrificing their kids’ nap time and their quiet time for me!

After dropping off the kids, we headed to the Medical Imaging place. I was very nervous about the barium drink. I had a CT scan in May before my hysterectomy and that thick barium just barely went down. It was terrible! I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I found out the imaging facility I went to has a “fruit punch” drink instead of the thick barium. It wasn’t yummy, but it was thin like water and easy to get finished quickly! I then read* and waited for my turn to have my scan. The scan was easy. I loved that they didn’t make me change into a hospital gown! The tech did an awesome job getting the IV in one stick and listened to me when I recommended which arm had the best vein! The whole thing was easy and I’ll hear the results tomorrow. The scan was to check and make sure the melanoma hasn’t metastized into any organs or other areas of my body. I have a lot of peace about the results. Especially because the melanoma was only in one of my lymph nodes that they removed. It shouldn’t have had a chance to move anywhere else!
After my scan we went to the cancer center for a quick visit with my amazing nurse coordinator, Lindy. My incision is looking awesome, but each of the places where my stiches come through my skin are bright pink, swollen, and burn! Apparently this is normal and my incision area is healing wonderfully! She took some time to explain the drain that is going to be put in on Wednesday and what we will need to do to take care of it. drain_ball.jpg (21819 bytes)
This is a picture of what the drainage tube will be. The white part is under the skin and the bulb acts as a vacuum to gently pull out fluid and can be removed to drain it. How am I going to hide this under my clothes? Any ideas? I will keep the drain until I am having less than 30cc’s of fluid drain in 24 hours. Lindy warned me that my body is NOT going to happy that I am having surgery again and I should plan on it not being an easy recovery. She also reminded me to be eating well and sleeping and recommended Ensure for days I have trouble eating. It was a good appointment and I’m glad I got to see her before my surgery on Wednesday!
We went to get the kids and they were horridly behaved because they didn’t want to come home! Abby cried until she fell asleep in her carseat and Joey was quite pouty. Vegging in front of the TV, cuddles with Mom and a snack cured the grumps and we were glad to see Danny home a little early!
Tomorrow brings preschool after a week off. Hooray!!! I’ll be on my own tomorrow and look forward to one last day with just the kids and me before another round of recovery!
*I started reading “Get out of that Pit” by Beth Moore today. It talks about three different types of pits people end up in. The pit I identify with right now is the one you’re “thrown into” I really am excited to see what Beth has to say about how to get out of this pit that I didn’t chose and feel like was thrown on me rather than me falling into it! It is important to me that I use this time to learn every lesson God has for me as much as I can instead of just coping and getting through it. I’m sure there will be days that the best I can do is get through, but my God is big enough to use even the worst days to teach me about His comfort and love.