Surgery Info

For those of you who have asked…

I will go to nuclear medicine at UAMC tomorrow at 7:30am for a scan in preparation for my sentinel node biopsy. They will then send me upstairs for surgery that is scheduled at 9am. Someone has been praying, because it was originally scheduled at noon! I’m thankful to not have to wait.

Thanks for all your prayers. My parents have our kids tonight and tomorrow night. Poor Danny is knee deep in the cold I’ve had and I have just started coughing. Please pray that we will wake up feeling like new people and that my surgery will be able to go ahead as scheduled (I was told they won’t postpone it unless I’m very run down or running a fever, so I think I’ll be good to go ahead.) Thank you so much for the incredible prayer covering we have felt. We will update tomorrow, but we won’t know the results of the surgery until next Thursday.